7 Reasons to Get a Sapphire Engagement Ring: One Will Surprise You!

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While diamonds are still the most common gemstone choice for engagement rings, sapphire engagement rings recently become more and more popular choice. Especially trendy at the moment the teal sapphire engagement ring in a petite design.

This exquisite gemstone, a symbol of something precious and valuable, is also associated with the British Royal Family, especially Lady Diana’s sapphire engagement ring. But sapphires' astonishing beauty are just one reason for the growing popularity of sapphire engagement rings. And here are seven more reasons. The last one will surprise you!

Lady Diana Engagement Ring

1. They’re more affordable

The price of a sapphire depends on several factors, including its size, shape, cut, color, variety, and origin. In general, however, they are more affordable than diamonds of similar shape and carat weight. As a result, they are an excellent option for couples who want an engagement ring with a large center gemstone but don’t have the budget for a large diamond. White sapphire engagement rings, for example, are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to diamond engagement rings because the two stones resemble each other when looked at from afar, but the sapphire is more budget-friendly. Sapphires also look beautiful in any style, from modern to vintage or antique, as solitaires or with accent stones, and in most cuts and shapes.

2. They offer an amazing color choice

Of course, sapphires do not just come in white. They come in dazzling colors ranging from deep blues to vibrant greens and pinks, purples, and just about every color of the spectrum. The most valuable of the fancy sapphires is the Kashmir sapphire, which has a pure, velvety blue or violet-blue color and commands the highest price per carat. Surprising fact: Rubies are red sapphires since rubies and sapphires are composed of the same mineral (corundum).

Sapphire Colors

3. They are a more ethical choice

Because sapphires are mined in a family or community-owned small mines, it is easier to follow and determine who benefits from their sale, and usually, the beneficiaries are the local community. In addition, the majority of sapphires are mined in countries where mining conditions are generally safe such as Australia, Madagascar, and Sri Lanka.

4. They make your engagement ring more unique

Sapphire engagement rings are automatically a unique choice because diamonds are the most popular, and therefore a common gemstone choice for engagement rings. Beyond that, however, sapphires are also unique because they have so many variances in their shades. As a result, no two sapphires are alike; even if they are the same color, their different shades make them unique.

Pink Sapphire Rring

5. They are very durable

With a Mohs hardness scale ranking of 9, sapphires are considered highly durable and very hard, although not as durable as diamonds which rank 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Their durability makes a sapphire engagement ring excellent gemstone for everyday wear. Sapphires also don’t have cleavage, so they don’t easily break when they are hit or struck, and they are scratch-resistant.

6. Their value is increasing

The growing demand for sapphires as a gemstone choice for engagement rings has triggered a similar rise in their value. We’ve been seeing evidence of this at auction houses around the world for some time now. In particular, sales of untreated sapphires are rising thanks to growing consumer awareness of their value. Both of these trends have dramatically increased their value, and that trajectory is unlikely to change anytime soon.

7. They are rarer than diamonds

Surprise, surprise, but it’s true. Sapphires are rarer than diamonds. Ever since the De Beers’ ingenious “a diamond is forever” marketing campaign, which completely changed the public’s view of diamonds, we have assumed that diamonds are a rare gemstone. However, when compared to other gemstones, diamonds are the most common of the four precious gemstones. Sapphires, like rubies and emeralds, are rarer than diamonds. The orange and pink padparadscha sapphires are particularly rare. This rarity is what makes these gemstones so valuable. In contrast, a diamond’s value is based primarily on demand.

Sold on a sapphire engagement ring yet?

There are plenty of exquisite engagement ring styles and gemstone options to consider for your engagement ring. And the sapphire is one of them. From white sapphire engagement rings to rich blue sapphire engagement rings or any of the other stunning sapphire colors, sapphire engagement rings are a uniquely beautiful and stunning choice.

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