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Emerald is one of the top 3 most famous gems, alongside Ruby and Sapphire. Beryllium and chromium, essential for the creation of an Emerald, are rarely encountered together in nature, hence the rareness and therefore the value of fine green Emerald jewelry.

The most popular and finest Emerald gemstone come from Colombia. Other gem-quality deposits have been discovered on the African continent, and also in countries such as Brazil, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia, Australia, and India.


Emerald gemstone, revered as a symbol of immortality and wealth, is also associated with Venus, the Goddess of Love. The birthstone of May is linked with the zodiac stars of Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer. Emerald jewelry is a to-go for anniversaries or custom engagement rings.



Being famous for its green, the Emerald Green actually various in hue, saturation, and tone, like any other natural gem.

  • Hue can be described as the color the Emerald gemstone has. It can be from “pure green” to “yellowish” or “bluish-green”

  • Saturation is what gives the color its intensity and strength. It can range from dull/pale to vivid/intense

  • Tone is the lightness or darkness. It’s ranging from washed-out light green to a deep dark, almost black, green

In the world of gems, the value of the range of color depends very much on personal preferences. However, generally, it is the bluish-green hue with intense saturation of a medium-dark tone that commands the highest price for Emerald jewelry.


Emeralds usually occur with natural inclusions and therefore classify as “Type 3 Gemstones”. Unlike Diamonds, where clarity is a big factor in pricing, inclusions in Emerald jewelry are often viewed as desirable features. The formation of inclusions into lovely patterns is referred to as "the Emerald’s Jardin". These patterns are so unique that they sometimes dictate an even higher price!


With Emeralds being dated back to Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt, there have been numerous experiments and developments of style to fashioning Emerald jewelry. From rough to Cabochon, Sugarloaf, Drops to mixed and modified cuts to faceting styles and its fame “the Emerald Cut”, the arrays of cuts applicable to emeralds are a testament to its versatility as a gem.

Special Feature

A Cat’s Eye effect in any gem is a rare phenomenon, but it is even rarer and higher prized in Emerald jewelry. The Chatoyancy, or Cat’s Eye Effect, accrues because, in the Beryl family, the crystal grows in a hexagonal prism, with chances of parallel inclusions forming in a single direction or plane in the crystal.


A 42.65ct Cat's Eye Emerald & Diamond Bangle (Christie’s)
Sale price: HKD 2,440,000

Elizabeth Taylor 23.46ct Emerald Jewelry Brooch (Christie’s)
Sale Price: $6.5 Million USD

37.82ct Chalk Emerald Jewelry in the most highly prized velvety deep green color
Displayed at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C.

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