About Us

Catja Camilla Straub

Meet the Designer

Catja Straub’s upbringing in Switzerland and multiple journeys overseas has had an enduring influence on her work, setting the stage for an interest in cultures, colors, natural beauty and all forms of design. After a degree in graphic design, her diverse interests led her to Asia and she ultimately moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Catja shifted her attention to jewelry and colorful gemstones, drawing upon her design fundamentals to create her own jewerly style — colorful, playful and effortlessly extra. Her favorite part of the job is to help him & her to find a suitable engagement ring, whether that be through consulting or by helping to get a custom made piece.

Gemologist Expert

Born in Germany to German/Malaysian parents, Gemologist Richard established his divine taste for timeless jewelry, exquisite craftsmanship and unique gemstones from an early age. Richard's background as a FGA Gemologist and member of the GEM-A has enabled him to execute his vision of high-quality gemstone jewelry for over 10 years.

More Than Diamonds

Amilla was founded based on the belief in beautiful and long-lasting gemstone jewelry. Effortlessly extra setting a statement, representing all the beautiful memories collected around the world. Amilla jewelry makes pieces that are uniquely meaningful. Through the fine jewelry pieces, Amilla jewelry is capturing the alchemy and energy of colorful gemstones and making them your everyday companion and protector.
More than ornamental, each piece of jewelry is a precious talisman, imbued with the earth's history, alive with meaning, and destined to be passed down for generations.

What Makes Amilla Different?

We don't use machine setting.

All our jewelry pieces are unique and handmade by an experienced goldsmith.

We use 18K Gold.

Only and throughout!

We avoid trends.

Jewelry is meant to be worn, collected, and worn again.

We don't skimp.

Our diamonds are the same or better quality than all of the large jewelry houses. We do not use commercial grade diamonds, this means stones are fiery, sparkly, and rainbow.

We love jewelry.

We love it, we live it, and we dream about it. There are no work hours when you are passionate about your job.

We love gemstones.

Our gemstone jewelry contains natural, and carefully sourced gemstones of the highest quality standards. Each gemstone has a unique appearance and may vary slightly in color and markings in compression to the product image.

We love when you love jewelry.

We are always excited to help source gemstones, create custom pieces, or just have a good chat and share advice. Don't be shy and reach out to us.