Engagement Ring Consultant

An Engagement Ring Last a Lifetime

An engagement ring is so much more than just a quick purchase. It's unique and meaningful and not about the cost or size of the stone. Yet still, when you’re spending a substantial amount on a ring, you want to make sure you’re purchasing the best quality for your partner. Do you want to make your proposal truly perfect? Let me help you to find the perfect ring for her, one she will wear every day, one that will last a lifetime!

Maybe you are under the impression you have to walk into a jewelry store, where the salesperson is trying to figure it all out in a matter of just a few minutes. How about I save you this time and we have a dialogue instead? You tell me more about your significant other. We talk about ring designs and stone options, and dig into it in order to find a ring that would mean the most to her and you, rather than some jewelry salesperson trying to sell the most expensive ring in the store for a commission. Let me guide you through this special process. Contact me to schedule a free call

Amilla Jewelry Custom Made:
Yellow Sapphire & Diamond Ring from 2000CHF
Classic Solitaire Diamond Ring from 2500CHF

A consultation, it's your added value

  • Save you hours of research & boutique visits
  • Show you different ring designs
  • Explain & visualize jewelry relevant terms
  • Suggest design & materials, matching her lifestyle & your budget
  • Find & purchase diamonds and gemstones in desired size & best quality, while staying within your budget
  • Custom made engagement rings for every budget
You work with me as your engagement ring consultant for the same reason you hire someone to help with your taxes or to help you buy a house. The field is overwhelming, a bit complicated, it’s nuanced, and you don’t want to make an expensive mistake. So let me help you and let's work on this together.

Amilla Jewelry Custom Made:
Halo Diamond Ring from 5500CHF

The Next Steps

Free Call 

You've got some major questions about engagement rings and how this all works?

I offer you a free consultation call, a first step to the perfect ring for her. Let’s have a call and get to know each other, find out where you are in the process and how I can help you during this truly individual process. Let's head together in the right direction. Contact me to schedule your free call

Advisory & Support - 345 CHF 

You’ve already done the engagement ring research to the best of your ability? You think you may have found a ring and a solid diamond or gemstone choice, but you would like a second opinion? You are a bit overwhelmed with all the options and would like a visual overview to compare?

Whatever currently challenges you, let's work through it together, step by step. Let me be your support along the way, no matter if it's 2 or 6 months till the big event. Besides having two calls, I am offering to review your diamond and gemstone reports and provide you with educational and visual PDF material, all you need to make a confident decision.
Don't spending a substantial amount on a ring, without consulting me as your expert. It's a drop in the bucket compared to making a costly mistake. Contact me to schedule a first call, free of charge

Customised To Her Needs

You know what she likes but can't find it in a shop or online? How about creating your very own custom made engagement ring? Your partner will be the only person in the world with this piece, making it truly special!

Custom made engagement rings can be done for almost every budget. Besides classic diamonds, there is an exciting range of unique and rare color gemstones to choose from. Let's have a call and discuss your and her vision on this unique ring. What stone and design ideas do you have? What's your budget?

Together we compare designs, settings, diamonds and gemstones. And I will educate you on diamond, gemstone and jewelry vocabulary. With my highly experienced team, a certified gemologist and a skilled goldsmith workshop, I will purchase your diamond or color gemstone, and finally craft your engagement ring, all customized to your needs. Contact me to schedule a first call